UV flat bed printing machine of Tinter RL2030

Dimensions of work desk and print power

flat printing machines Company Bluelight are produced in 3 different sizes, which, according to the needs and demands of the A specific stratum of users, are user-friendly and in accordance with the latest global standards:

130×130 Cm
130×210 Cm
210×310 Cm

In all models, however, there is a free side in machines , and larger sized materials can be used.
For example, you can place a sheet full Plexiglass 122×183 on a size device 130*130-, and print on it
By viewing the images on this device, you can understand this clever and standard design..

Features and Features
  • Completely industrial structure for high volume work
  • Ability to print on all flat surfaces
  • Proprietary software with special features
  • Print speeds up to 45 meters per hour
  • Touch panel on the device
  • Shoulder gear motion system
  • Exclusive design
  • Made in Iran

Equipment and facilities of the machine

Gender height detection sensor And automatic setup for double-sided printing / Shoulder gear motion system (German technology and more stability and Less depreciation in the shoulder gear system Possibility to carry 4 hed by default and the ability to customize the kreag according to customer’s need/ Adjustable height adjustment in kreag when printed, with a separate engine installed in the kreag With a touch panel with many features on the front of the device, to send the main commands to the device, without the need for a system / Ability to continue printing, after discontinuing printing and even canceling printing Industrial suction system and  by a low noise (vacuum) High power work desk And industrial design with a separate compressor, to keep the media in the printing / Ability Power on and off the vacuum for each area of the work desk, individually / uv LED  by Low heat, that allow printing on heat-sensitive  objects by Low thickness / cooling system  Very advanced and no sound / The only machine in print with dedicated and coordinated software and hardware design for the company Blvolight / A Professional software  and simple, for user (even novice) Sensor protecting the head of the device against collisions with printed surfaces / special plate to prevent UV rays, to protect the user’s eyes and absorb Uv light / surface and size  detection  in the ink And alarms the end of the ink, With Separation System for any color / last Generation of micro-piezo technology in the world / Five color prints (4 main colors + white) Extendable up to 9 colors / Intelligent transmission of white print, in both directions, To increase printing speed / Printing ability of materials up to 20 cm thick and Height up to 1 cm / wash full automatic of hed , no need for a copy The ability to print highlights and print 3D  / The ability printing with uv ink, echo solvent ink, sublimation ink / ability to print white  color simultaneously with printing or before and after printing four main colors / The ability varnish full Or part of the print surface for For more  beautiful and durable printing (simultaneous printing, no extra time wasting) / Variable Dot technology and fine adjustment of the nozzle diameter, depending on the ambient temperature and No clogging and blocking the hed of the device, even after 24 hours of continuous printing Unique ability to change the accuracy of nozzles from 7 to 35 picoliter / Supply System the liters  of  Ink (cartridge removal), at a lower cost / Two Japanese TBI / THK rails (very strong steel without any noise during printing) / Electricity stripping system Dwelling of objects during printing (for more durable color on the surface) / System for removing static electricity in printed matter  (For more durable color on the surface) /Equipped with a park place for kreaj on the device

Flexible goods

All kinds of fabric, water fabric, needle fabric, cloth, tarpaulin … in various colors / banner / flex / sticker / pvc / paper PP / wall paper / Painting fabric/ backlight / natural and artificial leather

Sheet and hard stuff

All types of metals / Sheet plexiglas (acrylic) in all colors / types of stones and ceramic tiles / all kinds of glass / carton plast / sheet Multi style / all kinds of mobile frame and tablet / chassis of  photo / all kinds of wood and MDF / all kinds of foam …

Important device features

– Industrial and refractory steel chassis with a new 2018 American design

– The device has an initial design based on 4 hed, which, unchanged, has the ability to increase hed

– Absolutely without blocking hed, even after several days of continuous printing

– hiPrint hed With 10 years of life of hed and hed of the standard uv hed world

– Ricoh Gen5 hed all-steel

– The device has a fully industrial design and function and a 24-hour working capacity and weighs 400 kg / m 2 of printed material

– All major components are Made in Japan , America and Europe

. In the immediate delivery condition, installation and commissioning takes place within 24 hours

. installation and training of customer personnel is completely free

Images and header information

Warranty and after-sales service

One year Bluelight golden warranty:

  • 18 months full and unconditional warranty, complete replacement of all parts of the device
  • 18 months LED warranty
  • One year nonblocking warranty of the hed
  • 10 years after-sales service (with approved tariffs and Fair price of parts)
  • The maximum time required to Device service in Tehran 24 hours and in all other parts of Iran is 48 hours
  • Gold warranty : Bluelight is the only company in the field of production, sales and after-sales services of printers, during which time all services (including initial installation and initial training, personnel costs, etc.) All over Iran free of charge.


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